Washington Sequester Hits Samuel’s Temple on 125 St.

Samuel’s Temple Church, located just steps from Metro North Railroad, is known for its weekly religious services, food pantries and concerts.

We believe in helping people no matter what their race, creed origin, etc. There is no doubt we bleed the same blood, so it only makes sense that we also hurt the same. That is why we need everyone’s help. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself, and you will never go wrong.


Street Corner Resources™

Iesha Sekou

Place of Residence: New York City

Why She’s a Game Changer: Sekou is on the front lines, trying to prevent gang and gun violence on the streets of New York City and Harlem where she lives. But Sekou is one of many activists that you see at the press conference denouncing violence after someone has been shot and killed.


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I Am Peace™

The effort comes in showing  young people a different route, said Sekou.

“We try to help them create a new circle of influence of people producing music, graduating from high school, going to college, and gett training,” said Sekou. “They represent peace in the street and when other kids see it, they want to be involved. They are the pied pipers, but it doesn’t happen overnight.”


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BLS Academy

BLS offers a safe and healthy environment for our children.  They can work and thrive together emotionally and socially, all while being educated.

We have an A+ curriculum that allows each student to work at his or her own pace.  Our teaching methods use the newest technology while still incorporating modern teaching methods.  They can work at their own pace.  Students are able to advance with our curriculum.  Students cannot move ahead until the concept is understood. Immediate gratification is given after each lesson through a quiz.  If the student receives a grade of “C”, the student will be given a chance to increase their grade at least to a “B”. Through our transportation, we will be able to follow the students wherever they relocate throughout the four Boroughs, disallowing the child any chance of failure…

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