Bishop Leon and Sister Shirley Sulton have been inner city community activists for the voiceless, abused victims, homeless and disenfranchised youth for almost 5 decades. More….

Samuel’s Temple is more than a traditional church.  In addition to holding worship services, prayer meetings and bible classes, this ministry has used its facility and its resources to serve the people of More…

Sister Shirley, after retiring from the New York Board of Education in 2005, decided to open up the Bishop Leon Sulton (BLS)  Academy to offer a safe, healthy and educationally sound environment for our children. BLS Academy is a  place where children can work and thrive emotionally, socially, and educationally.
We have an A+ curriculum that allows each student to work at their own pace.  We teach utilizing both traditional methods and technology.  Intervention is offered for struggling students.  They can work at their own pace until mastery is achieved.  Because our curriculum is mastery-based, students cannot move ahead until the concept is understood.  Immediate feedback is provided through brief assessments.   Because mastery is the goal, students are permitted to retest until mastery is achieved.   Advanced students are accelerated so they can soar to the level of their true potential.
Although most of out learning materials are web-based in nature, we do provide traditional learning materials (books and workbooks) for students Pre-K through 2nd grade and for those students 3rd to 12th grade that need instruction delivered in a more traditional context.
Our curriculum  (K-12) includes language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish and the Bible.
Our commitment to our students and their families is on-going and perpetual.  Because our program is web-based, students can access it from home, the public library or wherever they can access the internet.  Additionally, we will transport students from anywhere throughout New York City’s four boroughs–Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens to our academic learning center in Manhattan.