Samuel’s Temple is more than a traditional church.  In addition to holding worship services, prayer meetings and bible classes, this ministry has used its facility and its resources to serve the people of New York City through feeding programs, educational services and assistance to the homeless, the abused, the hurting and the disenfranchised.  Through broken commitments, illegal banking practices, outright deceptions and now legal maneuvering,  a group of investors are actively working to displace this ministry in order to reap huge ill-gotten profits from the redevelopment of the property, which is located on historic (and valuable 125th Street) in the village of Harlem.  Please help us expose this corrupt and unjust plot by signing the petition attached to this website.

 Bishop Leon and Sister Shirley Sulton have been inner city community activists for the voiceless, abused victims, homeless and disenfranchised youth for almost five decades.  They have gone unnoticed by many of the powers that be.  Nevertheless,  they have remained vigilant in their quest to serve those who are less fortunate.  Bishop Sulton passed on from labor to reward; but Sister Sulton has continued this God-given ministry.


BLS Academy continued……acceleration to students that seemed forgotten and left behind by their schools.  BLS Academy is now based at Samuel’s Temple and continues to serve students with research-based best practices and emotional and spiritual support.