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Under the Influence of…Music?


While songs about drugs and sex are nothing new, the issue is getting more attention because so many children now have regular access to music out of the earshot of parents. Nearly 9 out of 10 adolescents and teens have an MP3 player or iPod/iPhone .

Studies have long shown that media messages have a pronounced impact on childhood at risk behaviors. Exposure to images of smoking in movies influences a child’s risk for picking up the habit. Alcohol use in movies and promotions is also linked to actual alcohol abuse.

What’s on your iPod? (Ben Margot/AP)



Banking Scam to defraud Samuel’s Temple Church

Samuel’s Temple Church has been in the community for over half a century. Their mission is to help the illiterate, the homeless, the abused, both young and old. They help anyone who comes to their door, whether you are Black, White, Asian, African, it makes no difference. They even help organizations in neighboring communities.

In 2006, a group of foreigners engineered a real estate development scam to defraud churches in Harlem, New York. The NYS Banking Dept. closed Liberty Point Bank due to fraud and corrupt mortgages, and awarded the assets to the FDIC, and then to Valley National Bank, without even looking into the bad mortgages and loans, which involved developers and the bank presidents, who were working together.

The powers that be, have allowed this scam to go on for close to a decade, now this scam has stolen millions through Church’s property. Our Church is worth four million dollars (undeveloped), is in foreclosure. And that “foreclosure” started with a fraudulent mortgage. It has even been said that some Judges are being paid off.

The Church received a message last week telling them to accept a $300,000 pay-off to get out of their property (even though it is worth four million dollars).  The developers allegedly said “You Blacks have owned it long enough.” This is unacceptable.

The Church is calling on every local politician, the community and companies from all around the world  to help us stop the thievery of our Church in broad day light, so that we may continue to serve the community in innumerable ways.