I’m asking you to help me save Sister Shirley’s Temple on 125th Street, Harlem New York…Bishop Noel Jones


The Bishop Leon Sutton (BLS) Academy began serving students in East Bronx, NY in 2006.  Despite the tremendous challenge of serving students in one of the most low achieving school zones in the country, Sister Sulton used her faith, determination and years of experience as a New York Public Schools teacher to provide holistic support, intervention and more….


Every Sunday morning for over five decades, Samuels Temple Church has stood for the belief that one should love thy neighbor as thyself. Various programs have been tried and tested and being in such a highly mixed population, we get people from all walks of life. Everyone is important to us, and everyone is someone to us. Bishop Leon Sulton and Sister Shirley have given of themselves.


For over five decades, crowds have gathered at Samuel’s Temple for worship services, concerts and other church events.  They have gathered for another reason–food.  For many years, Samuel’s Temple has been a haven for the distribution of food for those who are less fortunate.  Many individuals and families have been spared from hunger through the on-going compassionate ministry of this church.